JDP senior Garrett

Meet JDP senior Garrett who is a creative force to be reckoned with. He is, in every sense of the word, a true Renaissance man. He’s equally vested and steeped in the arts as he is his academics.

There doesn’t seem to be a real of academic study that Garrett hasn’t wrangled and tamed in his mind. He has plans to double major in physics and music. If he can’t find that combo then he’ll settle for a immunology and epidemiology major with music minor. Astrophysics is his third choice! It’s no shocker that Garrett’s the kid blowing the curve in his AP physics class!

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Garrett adores the world of fantasy and loves to get lost in the world of Dungeons and Dragons with his dad and friends. Garrett fills the role of the Dungeon Master which means he’s the narrator and runs the story of this imaginative game. The story telling component of this intrigues him.

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He’s also fascinated by the Renaissance Fair and cosplay so he was pumped to be able to bring some of his favorite costuming pieces. It’s a family affair attending the Ren-Fair and Garrett’s family is happy to open their closet of costuming wares and welcome their friends to outfit themselves and join in the experience.

Below, Garrett 10 years ago when I created family portraits!

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Garrett is an active member of his school’s color guard which performs alongside the marching band with flags and rifles moving in rhythmic motion to the music. Garrett is also in jazz band where he plays the saxophone. The art form of storytelling is what really compels Garrett, be in the motion of the flags, the spin of the rifle, the capture of the lens, the notes of his trumpet, the color explosion on his art work or his Dungeon Master role…it’s all about the story reaching out to pull the observer in to the fantasy that’s being born.

(Garrett’s mom Rachel was a bts participant in this creation with a leaf blower to create the ambiance you see swirling!).

Garrett also performs musically for the school plays and is a member of the jazz band. He’s in the music honors society and chorus as well.

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Garrett’s expression in his artwork could be a painted canvas, a charcoal, a sketch pad…he has ideas begging to be brought forth from his mind and into reality and who is he to deny the creation muse?

Below is the life of an artist…always creating, into the wee hours of the night, long after the house has settled and everyone else is asleep. I’m not sure why but seems like every creative I’ve known works into the wee hours of the evening. My guess is that there’s less distraction when the rest of the world sleeps!

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Garrett purchased this vintage cloth umbrella, originally made in Japan, at a Renaissance Festival. The petal design intrigued him and the stamp of the creator…it’s almost 100 years old!

Garrett’s love of fantasy meant we got to create along lines that feel so reminiscent of a scene out of a fantasy film like Lord of the Rings/Narnia. It just seemed like we were right on a movie set. Creating a cinematic feel to portraits is one of my favorite challenges and with the assortment that Garrett brought it made for the perfect combo!

I’m not sure how it’s possible, but it seems like every single session has something new that comes out of it. Garrett’s had several, but I was taken aback by the play of light at sunset on our studio grounds. We aren’t usually at this spot at sunset and the fall foliage has never been as spectacular as it was this year…so the combo made for an unreal setting for Garrett’s step back in time.

Garrett you were an absolute delight! I just kept imagining myself back in the Renaissance time and you sitting for a portrait that I was about to paint! May your spark of creativity and joy fuel every step of your journey as you scale heights you never imagined!

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