JDP senior Mia

JDP senior Mia’s senior portrait experience brought to reality a dream she had since middle school.  She first saw my portrait display at the mall and told her mom repeatedly she dreamed of having her turn before my lens one day.  For 6 years she pondered what that would be like for herself.

Mom listened and then tucked that bit of information away into the “to be accessed later” mom mental notes.  When it came time to make her girl’s dreams come true, mom called me.  We talked about the best way to surprise Mia.  One day mom said, “we have somewhere to go, come on.” Then she brought Mia to my home studio for a pre-consult vision casting meeting.  Mia had no idea where her mom was taking her or who I was when she arrived at my door until her mom introduced us.

Mia cracked me up when she told me after the fact that she was star struck.  Because she’d dreamed of this day for so many years, it just wasn’t something she’d ever really given thought to happening.  But, that’s what we do as moms.  Every once in a while we show up in big ways that will make memories of a lifetime for our kids.  No, it’s not something we can do for every dream they have, but occasionally when we can, their gratitude and joy make it just as priceless to us as it is to them.

When I asked Mia at her View & Choose if this was everything she’d imagined over the years, she said, “Oh yes, and so much more! I just can’t believe it all!”  Mia’s gallery has captured her fierceness, her loyalty, her compassion, her inner princess, her barefoot wandering spirit (i.e. her barefoot walk in the 7 degree snowy day despite all of our warnings against it–but it’s what she does, so she wanted this captured) and her boldness that will surely impact this world in years to come! Rock on Mia!

Mia’s album and walls will tell her story…

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