JDP senior Garett

Meet JDP senior Garett.  His varied interests in robotics, engineering and earth sciences made for several unique firsts for JDP senior portraits.  Looking for custom senior portraits?  Click here to contact us. 

Garett is a member of Maryland Youth Robotics and has entered into competitions with his team creations.  His attention to detail is amazing which I’m pretty sure is at least partially why his team  has made it to the world’s level of competition!  Garett has also shared his love of robotics in the role of mentor with middle school  students who are interested.

Garett also has an avid interest in the environment.  He is a member of Envirothon, a club that analyzes soil composition to see if it’s healthy enough for farm land and sustaining trees.  He plans to pursue a geological and petroleum engineering degree in either South Dakota or Missouri.  On a college visit, he shared about his love of rocks and engineering with professor Dr. Hogan who he met and greatly admires.   Dr. Hogan shared the exact same interests as Garett when he was a young man, so he was able to advise Garett of career opportunists that married up his love of engineering and rocks.

Garett’s love of geology led us to Lehigh’s quarry, which they so graciously opened up to us for portrait creation.  Below, Garett is featured in Luray Caverns as well doing a pretty good James Bond impression…shaken not stirred!  Garett, the world awaits your exploration!  Click here to contact us about your own custom senior portraits.

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