JDP senior Aiveen

Meet JDP senior Aiveen who brought what she said was a dress made famous on Tik Tok!  I fell in love with this fairy tale piece immediately!  And her red hair was the perfect compliment!  I created for Aiveen’s big brother Garett a few years ago and she joked she’s been looking at him on the walls all over their house for years and now it was her turn.

Her mom came with a clear blue print in mind of where Aiveen’s pieces would hang on her walls.  When they started running out of room, Aiveen joked some of Garrett’s pieces could be moved into his room to make more room for her portraits.  Garrett’s already back at school, so what a surprise that would be for him when he returned for Thanksgiving break!

Aiveen is studying engineering at Career Tech and hopes to pursue a bio-medical engineering career.  At first she considered PT but realized pretty quickly her soft heart feels client pain too much and knew the burden that would take on her over the years.  So she’s thinking since she’s always enjoyed building things, prosthetic design might be a career path for her that would enable her to help people and make use of her natural giftedness.

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Aiveen really enjoys her time studying at Career Tech, as just about all the students I’ve talked to have.  She loves the camaraderie of working as a team to accomplish a goal and the sense of community provided there.  She says it’s like a big family there.  She’ll be taking a lot of classes at Carroll Community throughout her senior year as well to help prepare her for college likely in Michigan or Missouri.

Aiveen gets a lot of joy out of life when she’s doing what she loves and then her sweet smile spreads across her face.  For her that means singing, hiking in Glacier National Park on one of the many national park tours her family has gone on, or playing soccer.

Aiveen’s exploration of our national parks has led to a wide array of wildlife sightings and she’s learned that bear spray is useless with a grizzly.  Friendly locals in Yosemite advised the Waite family, for that encounter you are going to want something a whole lot stronger with you.  Duly noted.

Aiveen is fierce on the soccer fields and her eyes light up when she talks about the game she loves.  I hope you’ve got a wonderful season ahead of you on the fields, the mountains and the classroom waiting for your sweet self to make your mark dear one!  Click here to contact us re your own custom portraits.

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