JDP senior twins Hunter & Nathan

These two, what a delight it was to create for them!  I know just about every boy who crosses my doorway for a pre-consult has been drug in by his mom who deeply feels how fleeting time is.  She remembers the little boy who used to bring her flowers from the baseball field and she sees he is about to spread his wings to fly.  She wants this time marked and stopped, for just a bit, so she’ll always have something beautiful of her boy to cherish.  Looking for your own senior portraits?  We’d love to chat with you about that if you click here to contact us.

Hunter and Nathan are as different as the day is long, but have an easy way about them, respecting their differences and looking out for each other through life.  Their camaraderie, protectiveness and smack talking was pretty cool to watch.  Perhaps because I have twins who are trying to figure out their own differences, I’m more in tune to the nuances of the bond Nathan and Hunter share?  It was a beautiful thing to see them look out for one another the way they did throughout our day together.

Their beloved Oakley and Maddie joined the portrait time as well and happy chaos ensued!  If only the boys had been seniors a year earlier, their much loved Great Dane Maestro who passed away recently, could have joined as well.

These two have made a lifetime of memories together in their first 17 years of life that they will carry with them to every family gathering around Mimi’s dining room table, as the stories are recounted over laughter and attempts to one up each other.  Top on that list will be stories of getting stuck in Mimi’s woods and needing to be towed out.  Next on the list will likely be the origins of a certain dent in Hunter’s jeep made by a giant truck.

Boys, it was a delight to create for you.  You kept me laughing all day and you were game for every crazy idea I placed before you.  Thanks for making it a blast to lock down this special time in your life for your mom and dad!  Thanks to your Mimi for lunch and home made chocolate chip cookies!  Thanks to dad for all he set up that day to make sure what was special to each of you was able to be locked down creatively.  And finally, thanks to your mom who was on top of every single detail about the day, from the very beginning to the last click of the shutter.  Your family rocks!

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