JPD jr. Katelyn

Meet JDP jr. Katelyn.  Her mom knew after having her JDP senior twin boys Hunter and Nathan before my lens, she had to get coverage of her girl Katelyn!  Requests of moms like Kim are why we began the JDP jr. portrait line.  Katelyn has just as many interests as her brothers, so mom expanded her JDP jr. session to so we could cover a lot of cool ground for her.  Click here to read a personal blog on “Why Tween Portraits.”


Katelyn has grown up riding horses and began when she was only 4 years old.  Her beloved Shadow was her first horse and now he’s 25.  They are together in this photo below when she was 4, which we re-created for mom.  They have 5 more years of riding left in their story, then when Shadow reaches 30 he won’t be able to be ridden or bear weight any longer.  Her love for him expands with each passing year; he’s her boy.

Cletus is younger, feistier and stubborn, but she loves him.  She took him on from her dad and brother when their jam packed schedule didn’t allow them to get out and ride as much as they used to.  Katelyn adores her time at barn with her boys and only wishes she had more time to ride and barrel race. For now she’s soaking in the adrenaline rush that comes with  riding fast and the natural ease with which she and Shadow know how to anticipate one another’s movement.

Katelyn is a fierce competitor, whether that’s on the softball field, the basketball court of the horse ring.  She’s earned the nickname Butcher for good reason.  She is fearless in her sports.  I love seeing the fierceness come out when I photograph athletes.  Katelyn’s a girl of a thousand faces who will keep you on your toes but when she’s ready to play the game, all jokes are set aside and the fierce competitor emerges who is ready to do business.


Katelyn has gorgeous naturally curly hair that she often pulls up on top of her head, then little ringlet curls (that friends like to boink) frame her face.  They are precious and I can see why her friends can’t resist!

This funny tough girl knows how to rock out a formal look too!  I had a blast creating for Katelyn and can’t wait to see what the years ahead hold for her!  It’s going to be very strange for her when Hunter and Nathan graduate and launch the next phase of their lives, but something tells me Shadow and Cletus will be helping to fill the void!

We launched this JDP jr. line because our JDP senior parents were requesting unique coverage of the “forgotten years,” that 5-8th grade no-mans-portait-land.  We have a blog detailing why I began creating for this age group and why they have found a special spot in my heart, click here to read! Looking for your own custom portraits?  Click here to contact us.


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