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We are all given a limited number of days to accomplish all we hope to in this life.  That’s a realization that typically hits most people about middle age when it feels as though the clock is speeding up on life.  It’s rare for a teenager to grasp the enormity of that…but even rarer for that teenager to make very counter-cultural changes to his life as a result.  But that’s exactly what JDP senior Jarret did when he realized it was time to pack away the video games and engage more in ways that led to greater sense of accomplishment in his life.   Click here to chat about your own senior portrait experience.

Inspiring Teen follows the studio on Instagram and Jarret was selected as an Inspiring Teen to be featured in their November issue!  The article can be found by clicking here.  He was asked, What advice would you give to someone who wants to be where you are today?
I would tell anyone younger than to get out there, explore, make friends, and find something you love and are passionate about and stick to it. I know it can be easy to get caught up in our day to day lives of school/ work and forget to take time for what is most important. God has created so many amazing things for us to witness. This is truly a beautiful country and world, but you will never get to see how beautiful it truly is if you never come out from behind the screen.

Jarret knew he wanted to vest more in a way that counted, that he could be proud of when he looked back on his life. Young Life came to mind right away. While he’s loved his weeks away at camp, he wanted to serve others in the camp experience and landed on Capernum, the special needs ministry branch of YL.  He’s been involved now 3 years with Capernum and said it’s been truly life changing for him.  He’s made amazing friendships with some of the campers and other camp leaders.  His time serving special needs kids helps to put life in perspective as he’s come to appreciate the challenges faced by a variety of special needs campers.  His time was so transforming for him that his mom saw his excitement and decided to join him in serving as well.

Jarret also helps out Joe Belinko at his farm that hosts Eldersburg area YL meetings.  This amazing property was the backdrop for most of Jarret’s senior portraits.  He’s made so many incredible memories over the years and being an outdoor adventurer he was so excited when Joe was gracious to allow us to create on his grounds.  These portraits have so many stories attached to them based on the incredible memories he’s made via YL and now he’ll have that preserved in his portrait collection!  We never did see the often talked about ghost in the old farm house…although we did see a 10 foot snake skin…thankfully we did not see the snake that shed that skin or my studio manager Sara would have been seen peeling wheels out of the farm!

If it’s outdoor adventure, Jarret is up for it!  He loves four wheeling, hunting, hiking and was most excited about creating portraits outdoors.  Click here to chat about your own senior portrait experience.

Jarret has been involved with lacrosse and soccer through the years but in the last few years he realized something about himself.  He really loves winning and too many times getting a whole team on board with making that a top priority just wasn’t happening.   Jarret saw his own frustration growing with the sometimes lack of focus and discipline of some team members that can cause a whole season to go south quickly.  So although he was accomplished, he stepped out of his team sports and began to pursue mixed martial arts where winning or losing was all on him.

Click here to chat about your own senior portrait experience.

Jarret competes and teaches boxing and jujitsu in tournaments via Shaddock MMA Fitness . What he found in MMA was an environment he loved that holds accountability as a high value.  He’s been a student at Shaddock’s for 4 years and now an instructor for a year.  Jarret loves that win or loose it’s all on him, he owns it.  His time as an instructor has allowed him to chronicle the progress of kids who love the sport as much as he does.  He loves being able to pass on and share the love of MMA and the training that has been so important to him.

Clearly big things ahead for this kid who jumps all in in whatever he does in life, hoping to make eternal impact!  May the Lord continue to direct your paths and teach you to know Him more and more in this life Jarret!  You are being used mightily in the Kingdom of God in ways that are impacting eternity!  Carry on strong!

  1. Tracey Michael says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for recording this moment in our son’s life for us! I’m not sure how you did it, but you managed to capture so many aspects of his personality and interests. The photos really are a glimpse into who he is and what’s important to him at this pivotal stage of his life. I can’t thank you enough for this gift!

    • Sara Butler says:

      Such a pleasure and a joy to create for a kid like Jarret! I love that this portrait collection represents him so well!! 😉

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