JDP senior Aiden

Meet JDP senior Aiden.  If you do life with him, then you know the big personality and joy that bursts forth from this awesome young man.  He may look a little familiar to blog followers and that’s because his brother Jarrett was here just 2 years ago.  Mom’s been letting me know how excited she was for this day for months now.  She made it a celebration with sparkling cider, cheese and crackers!  Tracey told me there’s a big wall staring back at her from within in their home with Aiden’s name on it awaiting the magic we would create.

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I love how the Michael family has made their boys time as JDP seniors such a point of celebration and memory making part of their senior year.  This sweet family knows how to cheer one another on and keep each other a top priority!  Jarrett and Dad were even part of a moving crew for Aiden’s session!

Aiden had made some of his best memories on the tracks and fields in highschool competition.  He’s a member of the cross country and track and fields team at Century High and is even a dual sport athlete during spring.  He also plays lacrosse for Century and a club travel team.  His best time for the XC courses (3.1 miles) is 16:58 at Utica.  His track and field events are the 800 (2.07 minutes) and the 4×8 relay which is his absolute favorite race.

Poor Aiden was injured from some Young Life camp antics that resulted in a busted up toe for him…this didn’t stop him from wanting to lock down his hurdling portraits.  Aiden went to State’s last year competing in hurdles.  He was an absolute champ to make these happen!

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Like just about every athlete I’ve created for, Aiden loves the camaraderie that develops and I’m pretty certain he helps to set that tone of work hard play hard on the fields/track.  He loves winning and understands the importance of training to make that happen.  Equally important are the memories made in the process and preparation.  Aiden’s club lax team went to nationals this last year.  As a sophomore he won counties.

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Aiden is also committed to Young Life and has logged just as many incredible memories into the mind reels that he will draw from when reviewing the best times of his teens.  He attends the weekly meetings and returned from what many say is the best week of their life at summer YL camp.   Young Life’s mission is to reveal the Lord to teens and help them engage with the lover of their souls as they discover God’s great love for them.

Aiden rocked his GQ segment of formal in studio.  I kept seeing a Greek model before my lens!

Aiden laughs easily and when he does a broad smile covers his face.  That smile lights up the room and is a beautiful contagion that this world needs more of.   

Aiden is a huge football fan and loves being a part of a Fantasy Football League that he has reigned as champ of the last 2 years in a row.  His family just happened to be coming for their View and Choose on the 2 year anniversary of his wins.  The timing couldn’t have been more perfect and Aiden was eager to get his web sharing file of the portrait below in the group chat with his boys!  I made sure he got it that night!;)

Aiden ended his time in the pool with water being thrown at him to add to the collection of memories that will keep those smiles spreading wide across his face.

Aiden you were an absolute joy!  You embraced this experience with a joy that was amazing to behold and I love how much we all got to laugh in your portrait time.  That is certainly a gift you give to all who you do life with!  Continue to be the joy of those who love you!

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