JDP senior Peyton

JDP senior Peyton has a target on his back. Right now every competitive high school mile runner is chasing him down. At Century he’s the fastest mile runner, currently blazing fast at 4:33. Yes, that’s 4 minutes and 33 seconds to run a whole mile!

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Petyon adores his time competing at track and field events. While he shines at the mile, he also competes in the 800, pole vault, and long jump in both spring and winter track and field seasons. He also runs Cross Country in the fall where he loves feeling fast for a long period of time. This kid was made for speed!

Peyton’s favorite memories have come from his time competing with his team mates who have grown into his closest friends. During a senior night, when he was just a freshman introducing one of his close buddies Tyler he said, “Tyler helped me be more than Mrs. Dill’s son.” Peyton’s mom is a beloved teacher at Century High, but it didn’t take Peyton long to carve out a niche for himself. He’s a stand out competitor and the guy most likely to make you laugh when having a bad day.

Peyton runs for Freedom Flyers which kept his training going during Covid. While the rest of the world was vegging out online and binge watching Netflix, Peyton was getting faster and faster. That discplined approach has paid off when you see the massive amount of medals he has accumulated from all this competition.

Peyton also plays centerfield for his club baseball team the Finksburg Lions. The competition is serious in this AAU travel team. Peyton’s been coached his entire life by his dad and it’s clear they share a special bond via this love for the game. In fact, track is the only sport that his dad hasn’t coached him in, yet he hopes to add that to the list this year ahead.

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I’m not sure where it started…I’m guessing as a Halloween costume, but Peyton can transform into a pretty cool modern Batman character and he hoped to lock this down in his portrait time as well. I loved the challenge and embraced my inner Marvel to bring out the full Batman aurora.

Peyton is also a serious Colts football fan and is obsessed with the analytics for most sports. His family is from Indiana so that’s where the love of the Colts began. He hopes to be able to turn his love for sports analytics into a possible career in the future.

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Peyton is also very involved with his local chapter of Young Life and it’s clear this young man is the life of the party wherever he goes. His smile is contagious and has equal parts warmth/mischief that draws you in and makes you smile in return. He is an adventurer and cares deeply for the people with whom he does life. It’s pretty clear this has been modeled for him by his family and he has embraced it as a lifestyle.

Peyton’s mom appreciated this view of his long jumping that she’s never seen from the stands. Yes it’s a messy one from my creating stand point, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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One of Peyton’s dear friends from track and field is Aiden Michael, who was one of our JDP seniors last year. These two look so remarkably similar that when a picture popped up on my phone of Aiden at his view and choose last year I immediately thought to myself, “why is Peyton at a view and choose when he hasn’t had one yet?!?” I was utterly confused for a few seconds.

The Michael and the Dill family are so similar with their celebrations of their incredible boys that my mind just swapped them in for one another! Both families embraced the whole process, even bringing wine and cheese and crackers to their view and chooses to make it more memorable!

Petyon it looks like an incredible year awaits you! I wish you all the best as you make the memories of a lifetime and continue to wrack up those track and fields medals! Click here to contact us re your own custom portraits.

  1. Tracey Michael says:

    Jen! These are incredible! You are somehow able to capture these kids’ personalities so perfectly. If my house was on fire and I had to grab only two things, it would be the albums you created of my boys. I could never part with that perfect snapshot of their lives. I am so glad that Travis & Dawne Dill now had this moment in Peyton’s life perfectly preserved.

    • Jennifer DiDio says:

      Awe Tracey!! I have cherished my time creating for both such sweet families as yours!! It is such fuel to my creative soul when I have clients as vested as you all to help make the magic happen!!xo

  2. Dawne says:

    I feel so thankful to have had the opportunity to get these photos of Peyton. This is such a great time in his life, and you captured it perfectly! Thank you for sharing your gift of creating with us!

    • Dawn it’s families like you all that fuel the creative process for me so consistently! You all were an absolute delight to create for!! Love that we created such joy and magic for you all and your boy!!:)

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