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JDP senior Adam

Meet the awesome JDP senior Adam.  He may look familiar to blog followers and you’d be right if you thought that!  He and his family were here before the world turned upside down with Covid for family/maternity portraits before they welcomed their latest blessing, baby Noah.   

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Mom knew when she stumbled upon my website that she wanted to mark this time with her family and getting Adam’s senior portraits asap as well were top on her priority list.  Now baby Bella will be pointing to her own portraits on the wall instead of her siblings who she thinks must be her!  

Adam is a cool kid who excels in the classroom and on the field.  His pursuit of football and baseball grew qualities in him that anyone who knows him cherishes.  He is hardworking, resilient, and driven.  He has a shy smile that I’m pretty sure has melted hearts all over the place.  After a lifetime of playing sports, Adam has recently decided to set aside football to pursue his number one passion, baseball.  This was much to the dismay of all those who loved cheering him on, but he wants to direct all his attention and devotion to growing as a baseball player and student.  However, since it’s been such a giant part of his life growing up, we decided to represent it a bit for all the hours he’s poured into the game.

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This didn’t stop colleges from chasing hard after him for football, baseball and academics.  Watching Adam turn down college after college for football full rides was cause for confusion for some, but Adam held firm to his desire to play baseball in college.  He couldn’t be swayed even by offers from Notre Dame!  Adam’s mom and dad trusted the decision Adam was making and could not be prouder of their first born.  He comes from a family of achievers that knows how to grow the best in each other; both his parents Teresa and Oji excel in their fields of business.  Adam feels the responsibility to the legacy of family first and to reach for excellence in all you lay your hands to in life.  For him this would be in baseball and the pursuit of engineering.

Adam had a small graduation ceremony hosted by his family’s church to include his larger extended family.  This is the same big family that gathers together weekly after church to do life together, so it is precious to know they gathered to celebrate their 2020 graduates.  When it was time for Adam to walk the stage he stopped at the microphone and asked his mom to come on stage with baby Noah.  Theresa was perplexed.  Adam is not a public speaker so this was very out of character.  Then Adam began to recount how his mom had nagged him every single day for 4 years as he progressed through high school, ‘did you do your hw?’ ‘how are your grades?’ ‘did you turn in your project?’  All this while running several businesses, somehow Teresa managed to stay on top of the details of Adam’s school work.  He recounted again how it was every single day in mock exasperation.  Then he turned to his mother and said, “and this is why I was accepted to all 12 colleges I applied to.  It’s why we are only paying a small percentage of the tuition to Catholic University where I’ll be attending and next year I’ll go for free. I’ve been accepted into their engineering program.  That’s all because of you Mom, thank you!”   Cherished words for any mother to hear!

Adam’s family will only pay a small fraction his freshman year at Catholic University based on the credentials he’s earned over the last 4 years in academics.  He won’t be playing baseball his first year because the seniors from last year are able to come back and play one more season they lost to COVID.  So Adam’s 2nd year and the rest of his time will be on a full ride baseball scholarship.  Equally impressive is the number of colleges who sought Adam out and offered incredible deals, including free rides for football, baseball and his academics.  His mom assumed he wouldn’t get into all 12 places they applied and was prepared to throw out the rejects before Adam even saw them…that was unnecessary! 😉

Adam has been grown under the mantel of an incredible family who has cheered him on, called him up and given him wings to soar to incredible heights in all he does in this life.  That is a blessing for him and to all those who are fortunate enough to do life with him.  We cheer you on Adam and await the big footprint you’ll leave in this life making our world a better place!

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