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JDP senior Grant

JDP senior Grant was a reluctant one…like just about every guy who comes through the door!  I was only fortunate enough to create for him because his white tux portraits at Mount Saint Joseph’s were canceled, like sooo many things lately, due to Covid-19. He reluctantly agreed to have portraits created because of his fervent love of Mount Saint Joseph’s and all their traditions.  Click here to see Grant with his sister Paige in their formal wear.

Grant was intrigued at the pre-consult as we planned to cover all he loves in life and he is a passionate kid.  Drums were first on his life and in life it’s often the little things that stand out the most.  When we began Grant’s drum portraits, he asked if we wanted ear protection.  A teenager looking out for our ear health?!?  Knocking on the door of 50 I’ve definitely grown more aware of the effects of all the loud music I’ve blared over the years, so thank you Grant! 

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And how sad I’d be if this amazing kid hadn’t come before my lens.  I’d be sad because he’s one of the sweetest kids I’ve ever met.  His mom clearly sees it as well and her heart is just about exploding over the ending of this senior year and all the loss Grant has faced.  Her boy is precious to her and she wanted these moments of him locked down for her always to be able to remember the years she’s poured into growing such a great kid.  (Lesson I’ve learned from all my boy client moms over the last 10 years–if you want the portraits you gotta make your son do it…he’ll thank you after the fact but he’s gonna grumble going in!)

Grant loves his school like few kids I have ever met.  He was actually awarded by Mount Saint Joseph’s for his dedication and his devotion!  When you see him out and about, he’s very likely going to be wearing his MSJ swag in one form or another.  He says being there has been the best 4 years of his life.  Talk about a ringing endorsement!

Given Grant’s love of all things MSJ, the iconic tower and bridge had to be included in his portraits.  If the school is every looking for a full time sports caster and recruiter–Grant is your man!  He exudes a kind warmth that is very rare and sweet to be in the presence of.  He is also passionate about his love of baseball which started very young.  He openly admits he started as a Yankees fan, but that was very, very short lived before he placed his undying love into the hands of the Orioles.  He’s not sure what his future holds, but he would love for it to be in sports broadcasting for the Orioles one day!

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Grant plays baseball as well.  He’s played for MSJ and his club team.  This moment below is one I hope to never forget.  Just looks like a kid waiting in a dugout, I know.  But what was happening was the memorable part and this portrait is a one way ticket back for mom!  We were setting up lights and told Grant we were ready for him.  He said, “I just need a minute.  I’m realizing this is the last time I’m going to sit here as a MSJ student.  Next time I’ll be an alumni.  Lotta great memories here.”


Getting to know a kid with a tender heart like that is a great joy for me.  And it makes me all the so much gladder that he relented when his mom compelled him to come get portraits created.  These will grow exponentially in value to Grant and his mom as years pass.

In a world that begs for attention and acclaim, Grant is happy to be behind the scenes taking care of business.  Players at MSJ know the importance of leaving a combed mound for the next game or practice and Grant did his due diligence, happily, for the next lucky guys who would get to go to bat on his beloved field. 

As his time at MSJ has wrapped, it does leave a little more time for one of Grant’s over passions–rail fanning! There’s an engineer he’s excited to share these with!

Grant, the world awaits your kind heart, your thoughtfulness, and your desire to look out for all those around you!  You are sure to leave a big print wherever you go in life and I hope that path leads you into great joy! 

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  1. Joyce Rost says:

    You have captured Grant perfectly. I had the pleasure of being his 3rd grade teacher and his thoughtful, kind, compassionate heart has only grown even bigger as he has matured into the wonderful young man he is!

  2. Julie Bowman says:

    Such beautiful pictures. Uncle Dirk and I are proud of the young man that you have become. Good luck at Stevenson. You will do very well.

    Love, Uncle Dirk and Aunt Julie

  3. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Grant grow up and get to know him as my sons best friend. Spirited is the best word I have for him, on so many levels. Always the most polite human I know, but also the loudest heckler at a baseball game 😊. Everything Grant loves gets 100%. He’s been the best friend I could have picked for my son. His parents have done such an amazing job raising this fine young man. You have captured his spirit to a t.

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