JDP senior Lilly

JDP senior Lilly is one of the gentlest, kindest spirits you’ll ever meet.  She walked through my studio oohing and ahhing at the babies and the animals she saw and immediately fell in love with our studio mascot Macy Mae.  Lilly loves animals and children and is a great big sister to her little brothers.


Lilly was a vision in this vintage look she chose for her opening looks and my stylist Jill created the perfect hair and make up styling to compliment her dress.  Lilly is an old soul at heart the looks she chose couldn’t have been more perfect for her.  I want to hang her portraits up in a museum!

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Lilly loves the outdoors, animals, baking and cooking.  She also enjoys basketball which she played until she got hurt.  After her injury she volunteered to be the team manager.  She misses the game, but is happy to still be a part and be able to give back and contribute to the success of her team.

The whole time I was watching Lilly outdoors I kept thinking of cinematic scenes…I wanted to pop her right into the set of a filming of a Jane Eyre movie!  It’s no surprise that’s the book I selected for her in her fine art set up!

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This nature loving girl was in awe of our wildflower meadow …it was so sweet to watch it take her breath away as she entered. 

And shouldn’t every girl get to spin in a wildflower meadow at least once in her life?

So many pieces we created for Lilly hold an ethereal, timeless beauty to them that had me grinning ear to ear as we created!  Her bashful approval of her gallery as I presented it to her was equally priceless.

Lilly is the baker in her house.  Her brother Ethan, who will be in for his portrait time this fall, places his special requests and she’s happy to create.  She looks cooking and experimenting in the kitchen, but her piece de resistance currently is banana chocolate chip muffins.   Apparently they are a perfect compliment to Dunkin Donuts iced coffee coconut caramel.  She whips up a mean one of those when she’s at work at DD.

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Studio mascot Macy Mae has been known to photobomb just about every senior session this year.  She’s also not above trying to steal snacks out of gear bags or lax balls! Lilly fell in love with this piece below and wanted to include it in her gallery! 😉

Lilly, you are a joy and a delight to all who are fortunate enough to links arms through this life with you!  May your smile continue to be a welcoming joy to all who love you throughout your whole life!

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