JDP senior Peyton

The expression the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree certainly is fitting in JDP senior Peyton’s case.  Blog followers may recognize this beauty as she is the daughter of my insanely talented studio stylist Jill.   Click here to contact us re your own custom portraits.

Click here to contact us re your own custom portraits.

When we last shared portraits of her a few years ago though, she looked very different from today.  This is the third time I have created portraits for Peyton over the course of her life and each time has been an incredible metamorphosis of a young woman in flux emerging.  Click to see: Here’s when she was a little girl and here’s just a few years ago.   

By the way, this fabulous up do was inspired by this photo below Peyton saw and Jill was able to replicate masterfully!

Yes, Jill is 100% Persian, however, Peyton somehow inherited the blonde hair blue eyed genes from her dad Ben.  Ben was on set for a bit of the shoot and was pretty speechless watching his girl shine in her element and who is now undeniably a young woman…never easy for daddy’s who want to slow down time.

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While she may have inherited her coloring from her dad, her love of experimenting with hair color, designs and fashion is all from her mom.  Peyton, or PJ as she’s affectionally known, will always keep you guessing and is sure to surprise you more often than not with a new look she’s experimenting with.   

Momma below on set for constant adjustments and hair evolutions…PJ loved this behind the scenes capture and so many others of the tender love she received that day from my whole team.

Peyton radiates joy which is sure to bring a smile to your face with her child like sense of wonder and enthusiasm for life.  She had us all smiling widely and laughing throughout her whole session.  There was sing along time to 80’s hits, dancing and jokes to keep us energized all day for her session.  Much to our amusement as well, PJ literally skipped into the styling center at one point as well! Her joy is contagious and a blessing to all who get to do life with her.

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PJ’s floral wreath was originally made by Jill for JDP senior Amelia a few years ago.  Peyton wanted to include it and in true Jill style, she customized it for Peyton by adding some flowers she saved from when her own beloved dad passed away. 

PJ had been anticipating her senior portraits for years.  She’s witnessed all the amazing stylings her mom has created for seniors and the portrait collections that made her sooo eager for her time before the lens again.   

And while Jill appreciates Peyton’s love of experimentation with her hair, she put a halt to any dramatic changes about 2 years ago so she’d have a great base of healthy hair to work with for her pending senior portraits.  And this girl is a natural!  She moved effortlessly through poses and embraced the story line I created for her with each set up.

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PJ was delighted to wear the shoes you see below that she and her mom worked on the custom embellishment job.   PJ is also wearing jewelry special to her mom, they were pieces Jill was gifted while in labor with each of her 3 children.  Kudos to Ben’s co-workers for filling him in on the ‘push present’ I hadn’t learned of until recently!  And a big shout out to Samantha Pasley who hooked PJ up with so many of these amazing gowns! Truly red carpet style was on display for this girl!

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This necklace belonged to Jill’s Aunt Patricia Ann Jennings who Peyton Ann was named after and also happens to share Jill’s birthday!

And a shout out to the Dell family who welcomed us into an old farm house they recently bought to expand their own farm.  Likely this house will not be restored, but it made for an incredible experience to walk through and create portraits for Peyton!  Oh the stories that house could tell!

We fell in love with the cinematic feel to our creations in this abandoned house…I was imagining a scene from an Alfred Hitchcock film…

Former owners must have had a thing for pianos, as we counted 4 or 5 as we progressed through.

And how fitting as Peyton is currently teaching herself piano and finding it quite natural for herself.  She’s also taking viola lessons.  In the past she’s studied cello and ukulele and hoping to find the instrument that will be her life long joy to make music.   

One of Peyton’s favorite movies is Crimson Peak, a gothic romance film.  She wanted a bold red inspired portrait set up and thanks to our neighbor friend Julia who welcomed us into her home with this baby grand that brought the vision to life!  Along with a Rapunzel inspired hair addition Jill created, we created the stuff of dreams for PJ!   

PJ also wore her grandmother’s ring in this set up.  Portraits connect the generations and when we pull the generations into the portrait creations they become even more special.   

We ended in the water to close out this amazing collaboration of creatives who love PJ!  PJ the world awaits your smile, your kindness, your creativity!  It was such a delight to capture this special time in your life and we all love you so much!

Click here to contact us re your own custom portraits.

Click here to contact us re your own custom portraits.

  1. mona says:

    WOW! Speechless!!!

  2. Lisa says:

    Absolutely stunning…beautiful!

  3. I’m absolutely speechless. PJ looks beyond gorgeous and Jennifer and Jill did such a wonderful job between getting her prepped with hair and makeup and then capturing her true beauty. I’m so honored to have had her wearing my gowns and never imagined them looking so incredible on anyone as they do on PJ.

    • Jennifer DiDio says:

      Thank you so much for outfitting her with your beauties!! She was like a kid in a candy shop with all those gorgeous gowns!!;).

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