The Fray Family

Portraits are a one way ticket back to cherished moments that often passed in a blur.  For the Fray family, this sentiment rings so true as they look back to when they welcomed, with joyful hearts, their little baby Anisa. Latha and Aaron wanted portraits to mark this time of celebration with their sweet girls as a new family of 4.

I always say we have the best clients at JDP, many of whom become dear friends.  They sing our praises to their families and friends as their share their collections.  I believe your portraits should be the launch pad for your stories to be shared with those you love.  People bond over story and feel connectedness in ways that is often unquantifiable.   Two of those clients who shared their stories happen to be family to Latha and Aaron, Karen and Sharkar, and they wanted to bless them with portraits like I had created for them a few years ago.

Anisa was welcomed by her toddler sister Riya who is eyes wide open to all the wonder of life around her.  She’s eager to investigate it all and stops only momentarily to snuggle momma or daddy before she’s off the races again to explore and enjoy all in life that intrigues her.


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Riya was still months away from turning 2 here and was full of excitement for everything she could explore in studio.   Everything in life calls to her to figure out and assess. I always joke that toddlers make me hustle the hardest in portrait creation, but some of absolute favorite moments in portrait have been captured of them.  Freezing their whirlwind of motion requires perseverance that is so handsomely rewarded.

This little mop of curls…this is going to take Latha and Aaron back in time in a way that can only be described as precious.  Isn’t it miraculous how a photograph can elicit memories complete with smells and texture.  And baby hair unbridled or tarnished by processing and potions is one of the sweetest there is.

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Viewing their portraits was really a walk back in time as the Fray/Naganna family has walked through quite a whirlwind of tragedy and chaos over the last 6 months which delayed their ability to get back into studio.  Their little gray eyed Anisa today is full of energy, baby rolls and smiles for everyone.

The Fray family is eager to have these on their walls in their home and what a collection this will be to remind them of this phase that we all know will pass far too quickly!

When creating for families with children, I always encourage mom and dad to remember where their love story started, before the children arrived.  Often the wedding day was the last time they were photographed romantically.  For Latha and Aaron that was just 5 years ago, but 2 babies later, and everyone benefits from the reminder of why those babies exist.

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Latha and Aaron are avid golfers and are eager for Riya and Anisa to join them on the links asap!  Riya will start with lessons at Baltimore Country Club and she’s got clubs to get her started on this journey that has brought so much joy to her parents.

Latha and Aaron, you have a beautiful family that is brimming with joy and happiness.  It won’t be long before the girls are chasing each other around on those links beside you!  May you make many memories ahead full of love and laughter that characterizes your home all the days of your life!

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