JDP senior Aliyah

JDP senior Aliyah, with all those amazing curls, may seem familiar to blog followers.  We featured her family on our blog 2 years ago when they welcomed their 5th child.  Her brother Adam was featured two years ago and now it was Aliyah’s turn for her JDP senior experience. 

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Aliyah has been dancing since she was 3 years old.  Once she started, she just never stopped.  Ballet was her first class, but it was quickly tap that stole her heart.  Ever since she slipped into her first pair of tap shoes, tap became her primary love.  She trains in just about every style of dance.

Aliyah uses rapid footwork to make her shoes create precise beats and sounds.  One of her favorite tap things to do is to improvise new beats and dance fluently to the music that moves her soul.  The connection she feels to music is strong and then that pours through her feet to cheering audiences.

Dancing to music helped Aliyah to truly comprehend the stories she was telling through her dance.  While tap is her favorite, she pours all of herself into whatever style of dance she’s performing.  She doesn’t let lack of preference for choreography, music, or dance style prevent her from pouring everything she’s got into the performance.

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Aliyah described dance as the “a cure of gratification after being crippled by the outside world.  It supports my inner thoughts by speaking loudly through sounds, movement, expressions and feelings.”  She loves how her conscious thoughts meld into unconscious movements in a peaceful aura.  She can feel the stress fall from her shoulders, leaving her with just comfort.

An added bonus is the sense of security and love she feels from her dance community.  All this keeps her coming back to the studio 6 days a week and she falls in love just a little more each time she steps foot in.

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There’s not much time left with her school and dance schedule, but she manages to squeeze in a little time for a few other hobbies like drawing and styling hair.  She’s got quite the artist creators heart.  She painted her dresser with cartoon characters and makes houses out of cardboard.  She even makes mini doll outfits as well, much to the delight of her little sister Bella I’m sure!

My time spent with Aliyah revealed just how cut from her mother’s cloth she is.  Both these women possess a fierceness that is contagious.   Whatever you set before them, you can be sure they will get it done with excellence and humor.  There was never a dull moment in Aliyah’s session!  She plans to follow in her mom’s footsteps and be a business woman as she heads to college in the fall.   

Aliyah’s Beyonce impersonation!

Aliyah was on fire with her tap dancing and even gave me her best Michael Jackson moves!

Aliyah I wish you all the best and can’t wait to hear about your next steps!  Your energy is sure to propel you to greatness dear one!  Click here to contact us re your own custom portraits.

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