JDP senior senior Brayden

A new trend has been emerging at JDP–we are calling them our JDP senior seniors! That’s the college graduate coming to mark the commitment and hard work that has paid off with a degree to their name! Some were my original JDP seniors from 4 years ago, back for their next round! Some have just found me and hired high school senior portraits for younger siblings and parents want matching coverage for their college senior in their home.

JDP senior Brayden has just graduated from Lebanon Valley College where he played soccer and received a Bachelor of Science in Physics with a minor in Mathematics. He’s been offered a position, which is soon to be finalized, as a System Security Analyst. His sister, JDP senior Tatum was here last spring for her high school senior portraits. Today she’s attending Salisbury University and playing lacrosse there. Well, right now she’s healing from surgery to her left hip, an arthroscopic labral repair with CAM osteoplasty! Poor girl’s already had it done to her right hip, so at least now she matches!

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Brayden earns the award for coming prepared for his portrait time after our zoom call pre consult planning meeting. He was still at Lebanon Valley finishing his last semester as we planned his session. His mom was staying with Tatum helping in her recovery after her surgery. I’m always pretty dependant on the moms to manage the details for portraits and make sure all the clothing/sports gear shows up for the session. However, this time it was up to Brayden to coordinate the details and this guy did just that like a rock star!

I was impressed on every front by Brayden’s thoughtful response to the portrait process, his zen personality and his wide variety of athletic pursuits! The grass will not grow under this young man’s feet, not when there’s a whole world out there to explore!

As his time at Lebanon Valley College has come to a close, consequently so has his time on their soccer team. Brayden’s not done playing the game he loves though so he has plans to find a competitive community soccer league to continue.

Brayden is a goalie and began doing yoga to help with his flexibility, balance and agility. He enjoys the athleticism involved and the incredible things a body is able to do with training. He plans to keep yoga in his life indefinitely.

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Brayden’s time at LVC has been valuable to him in countless ways. He’s made countless memories which makes the 4 years seem to have flown by.

As I talked with Brayden about his hobbies, I was thinking, ‘what doesn’t this kid do?’ He plays college soccer, he lifts, does yoga, bikes, plays golf, kayaks…and that would explain why he’s in incredible shape!

What a joy to create for you Brayden! The world needs more young men like you who scale the mountains in their path with laser focus and zen chill simultaneously! Best wishes as you begin your career!

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