JDP jr. Emily

JDP jr. Emily’s mom wanted to mark Emily’s 13th birthday in a sweet and tender way that would remind her girl how beautiful she is.  It’s an easy thing to forget during the throws of middle school chaos.  Janice wanted her girl to always be able to look back and remember how she felt to be a work of art in the hands of a creative.  We published a very personal blog explaining “Why Tween Portraits” you can read by clicking here.  Interested in checking out a possible JDP jr. session for yourself?  Click here to contact us!

We noticed a trend with our clients lately.  They’ve been blown away with what we create for their JDP seniors and parents started asking, “do I have to wait till my kids are seniors to have you create like this for them?  I have all these great portraits on the walls of my senior and I don’t want to wait years to add my other kids.”  Nope, we’ve got you covered!  So by popular demand, JDP jr. was launched!   

Emily is at that tender age where she’s packing up the little girl she was and figuring out the young woman she’s going to be.  She’s spunky, hilarious and has expressions that’ll keep you in stitches!  I was blown away by the timeless beauty I kept seeing in her all through her shoot.  I felt like I could be painting her portrait 200 years ago and that was making my heart sing!

Emily, may you always remember the great lengths your mom went to to make sure you know how special and loved you are!  When you look back at this time, may your face always light up with joy at that reminder!  Something tells me you’ll be doing this same kind of thing for your own daughter one day in the distant future!


Why Tween Portraits blog examines why I began this line of portrait services and it’s personal reasons that it’s now near and dear to my heart.

We’d love to chat with you about a JDP jr. session for you!  Click here to contact us!

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